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A Chinese crypto project that allegedly paid 2020 U.S. presidential candidate John McAfee $4.5 million to promote the Initial License Offering (ILO) of its Zombie Coin has now threatened to sue the influencer for $100 million.

According to the firm behind the CZcoin cryptocurrency project, South China Zombie Research Centre (SCZRC), the cryptocurrency influencer has reneged on the terms initially agreed upon. Specifically, the firm claims that McAfee has disparaged them in the white paper which he has partially written and published.

Additionally, SCZRC claims that McAfee has not delivered on his obligations. Consequently, the crypto maverick has been accused of endangering the human race as the world is now presumably less prepared for a Zombie invasion.

‘Zombie coin backers just don’t get Crypto influencer’

Shortly after SCZRC made the threat, McAfee took to Twitter to assuage his client’s concerns. According to the crypto influencer, the allegations by the zombie coin project was simply are a result of a misunderstanding caused by his client’s failure to grasp the ‘nuanced humor’ contained in the white paper he wrote.

Reading through the white paper it is easy to pick the lines that may have ticked off South China Zombie Research Centre. Among these include McAfee stating that the idea for the zombie coin was the “most absurd concept in the history of crypto”.

The cryptocurrency influencer also claimed that the zombie coin idea could only have been conceived by a “mentally deficient four year old”.

Zombie Coin white paper | Screenshot

But perhaps the most disturbing for the zombie coin backers was the warning by McAfee against investing in the zombie coin. In the words of McAfee, not even the threat of death could persuade him to shill what he had been paid, to an extent, to promote:

“Even if someone held a gun to my head, I could not muster any statement more positive than: DO NOT INVEST IN THIS SH*TCOIN!! Under any circumstances, at any time for any reason.”

For Zombie coin, the walking dead humanity needs to be saved from are not fiat currencies…

Strange as it may sound, the South China Zombie Research Centre has stated that its goal is to teach zombies how to use cryptocurrencies. And according to McAfee, holders of the zombie coin will be able to use the cryptocurrency to bribe their way out of trouble should they encounter the walking dead.

Besides paying McAfee $4.5 million upfront to write the white paper and promote the zombie coin, the crypto influencer was also promised 20% of all SRZRC’s entire coin haul from the ILO.

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