YGGDRASH Introduces a Glimpse of the Future With Interchain at Blockchain Seoul 2019

SINGAPORE, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — YGGDRASH (Token: YEED) will be bringing the interchain solution closer to the world of blockchain as its MainNet releases on the 4th of November. 

Jun-Hyuk Ahn, the Chief Strategy Officer of YGGDRASH, gave a presentation during the YGGDRASH seminar at Blockchain Seoul 2019, introducing how YGGDRASH fits for all blockchain projects and its possible use cases. 

YGGDRASH is a next-generation blockchain platform designed and planned for a realization of multichain, aimed for being the first blockchain platform that connects many blockchains called BRANCH Chains on one network, STEM Chain, by solving current blockchain like Ethereum’s flaws. 

In most cases, DApps are Smart Contracts that follow the characteristics of the platform they are in; however, services connected to YGGDRASH are at a blockchain-level granting them the freedom to choose the nature as they please. 

In addition, YGGDRASH invited the Ethereum Classic to introduce the fierce competition in the blockchain platform industry and opened up the possibility of collaboration between the two platforms. 

YGGDRASH could be used in decentralized identification (DID), cyber-terrorism prevention, cross-chain transactions, and more since YGGDRASH’s effectiveness and the efficiency of assets and data transferability. 

Blockchain Seoul 2019 was sponsored by various organizations and local governments such as the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Financial Services Commission, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Busan Metropolitan City.

At the beginning of this year, R2V Inc. (David Seo, CEO), the developer company of YGGDRASH, launched D-STATION, which provides one-stop consulting for DApp projects, and plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the near future.

For more information, contact info@yggdrash.io.

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