XRP Is a Better Bitcoin, Say Ripple Builders


The recent talk of the angel investor Anthony Pompliano and the Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse hosted by ‘Pomp’, became a significant event for the XRP community and had been highly anticipated.

On the podcast, Pompliano talked to the CEO of the company behind the third largest cryptocurrency, about Ripple, XRP, their prospects and got him to answer ‘hard questions’ picked by Pompliano from his Twitter announcement of the event.

One of the things that Brad Garlinghouse mentioned was that some of the first XRPL developers had taken part in building Bitcoin Core prior to that and they wanted to make a better version of Bitcoin when building XRPL.

Former Bitcoin engineers set out to ‘build a better Bitcoin’

In the conversation, Garlinghouse said that the XRP Ledger appeared before Ripple came to existence and that some of Ripple founders were also XRPL creators.

Knowing from how Bitcoin works about its future scalability issues, they, as per Garlinghouse, decided to create a better Bitcoin, ‘Bitcoin 2.0’. In particular, he said:

“We don’t talk about that today, cause I don’t view this as a competition between Bitcoin and XRP. I think there’s gonna be multiple winners in this [field]. The marketplace will take care of the competition.”

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Garlinghouse is bullish on Bitcoin

The Ripple CEO also rejected multiple accusations that he hates Bitcoin. He emphasized:

“I’m long Bitcoin, I own Bitcoin and I’m not bearish on Bitcoin.”

However, further on Brad Garlinghouse adds:

“Bitcoin is not gonna solve a payments problem. The XRP Ledger is much more efficient.”

Do the technical improvements made by XRPL builders make XRP more valuable than Bitcoin to investors? Feel free to share your view in the comments section below!

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