XRP Ecosystem Grows with New Listing on Uphold

Uphold — the digital wallet with debit, credit and automated clearing house capability (ACH) —  now allows users to exchange XRP with 34 different currencies, commodities and digital assets.

This listing highlights the expanding XRP ecosystem and deepening pool of liquidity available worldwide.

The Uphold platform’s U.S. users can now access XRP directly, no steps in between. They can also exchange seven digital assets, including XRP, with twenty-three fiat currency and four precious metals, and send money instantly to other members anywhere in the world.

Uphold currently does not allow for the transfer of XRP to an external wallet, but the company plans to introduce this capability to users soon.

“The XRP ecosystem is diversifying and growing rapidly,” said Miguel Vias, head of XRP markets at Ripple. “The listing of XRP on Uphold, a strong retail platform that offers customers easy access to digital assets, underscores the significant increase in interest for XRP.”

Uphold provides members with real-time transparency of digital assets

With digital asset transactions totaling more than three billion dollars to date, Uphold offers a full reserve of member funds and provides complete transparency of its transaction flows, assets and solvency directly through their website.

This high standard of transparency now applies to XRP — further increasing consumer visibility for the digital asset and a positive sign for the future of digital asset transactions.

“Uphold provides our members with the most cost-effective and transparent way to hold, send or convert money anywhere,” said J.P. Theriot, Vice Chairman of Uphold.  “Adding XRP to our available currencies is a natural and exciting step forward for our platform.”

With every new listing, the XRP ecosystem grows and diversifies, and the pool of liquidity available to users around the world becomes greater. To learn more about how Ripple sources liquidity from XRP for on-demand cross-border payments, visit our solutions page for xRapid.

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