Will Ripple Set Out on A New Winning Upward Price Trend?

Ripple has been trying to maintain its winning streak even in the current volatile phase in the crypto market through the bear pressure manages to push the price below the baseline most of the seven-day. The seven-day price movement of XRP also showed a similar trend where the currency started the week on a high note, but the bears got to it during the mid-week time XRP showed good spirit to get back to an upper momentum showing the price fluctuations between $0.18 – $0.20.

Ripple Price Prediction:

XRP coin has been trying to resist the bearish volatility, as seen from the seven-day price chart. The price was at a low of $0.1901 on December 21. It went upwards to the extent of 4.02% on December 23 and reached $0.1977. Though it had withstood bear pressure for some time, for the rest of the week, the bears got the better of the price and Ripple price was pushed below the baseline to $0.1890 on the same day showing a downward variation of 4.43%. The currency still managed to give good resistance and went up to $0.1928. The bears managed to break the uptrend and pull the price in the downward direction to $0.1865 on December 25. Did not deter Ripple price from getting back on track and move up to $0.1931. The current day’s price of XRP shows a bear turn, with the price falling to $0.1861; fall was at a low of 3.58%.

Ripple News Today

Ripple coin is in full swing to get back to its winning ways over the past seven days. This has been seen as positive news by the investor community.

 Investors can now heave a sigh of relief as XRP looks all poised for a stable upward momentum for the coming days. Short-term investors can continue to make small gains even in this ongoing volatility in the crypto market.