Will Litecoin Manage to Grow Further Despite the Volatility

LTC was priced $39.45 on December 20, 2019 with a movement being downside but, in few hours, the price reached $39.82 with a moderate rise. Then, Litecoin price dropped again to $39.64 but on the same day, it managed to bounce upwards to $40.30. The currency continued to be traded at $40.32 despite a slight fall of $39.78. On December 21, 2019, Litecoin was able to show a growth of 0.86% with prices reaching $39.96. At the time of writing this comparison, LTC was reflecting a moderate movement and trading mostly below the baseline.

Litecoin Price Prediction

Today, the coin is reflecting a slight drop of 0.25% as compared to yesterday’s price $39.97. Looking at the movement and as per the current trend, Litecoin price may reach to its immediate support $39.01. And if the trend will persist further, the coin may get traded close to $38.

As per the present movement, Trade99’s analysts recommend to hold the coins. LTC can get traded around $39.73 and $39.80 today. In the past two days, LTC price trend remains to be a mixed one as the currency has seen both the trends. Hence, if the coin reverses the current trend, it may trade up to its next resistance $41.4 & $43. You may trade on a short-term basis as per your discretion considering the fact that the Litecoin has managed to bounce back every time it has dropped down.