Will Litecoin (LTC) Consider A Break Away from Bear Pressure?

Litecoin managed to have its moments of glory over the past seven days even in the continual bearish crypto market when the price reached a peak of $42.3242 on December 23. The price of Litecoin was trading the range of $39 – $42.

LTC coin seems to have its high time over the past seven days when it could manage to be in the upper price range for some time before the bear pressure got too strong to resist. The week started on a low note for the coin with the price being below the baseline at $39.5817. The next few days saw the price of Litecoin moving in the upward direction at $42.3242 on December 23. The bears had again become stronger by then and started pushing the LTC price in the downward range at $39.9914 on the next day. Litecoin price somehow managed to recover slightly to $40.2933 on December 25. Today, the currency has managed to show a slight upward trend with the price being at $40.5048.

Litecoin price seems to be trying to break away from bearish grip at regular intervals though the crypto market volatility is still very high. Trade99’s analysts are playing a wait and watch game to understand where the price of LTC would be headed in the next few days but are confident on the coin to start showing a better price position in early 2020.