Vitalik Buterin Says We Need Alternatives to YouTube

The recent move intitated by Google-owned video content platform YouTube to clamp down on several video contents based on cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, and has been greeted with tons of outrages from crypto enthusiasts, especially those who were majorly affected.

This also called for the reaction of the Ethereum Co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, after a user recently complained about the deletion of a question and answer session with the Co-founder, regarding Ethereum roadmap in 2016.

Vitalik Buterin: It Looks Like We Need Alternatives to YouTube

Identified as Christian Peel on Twitter, the users shared his own version of the trending ordeal with the crypto community members, and Vitalik in response said an alternative would be needed.

The user shared that a video interview with the Ethereum Co-founder has also been marked as a violation of terms by YouTube. He said the session conducted at Coinbase was based on Ethereum roadmap in 2016.

Peel then captioned the reply from the YouTube team after a prompt and proper appeal was submitted for review. The response to the appeal – “Harmful or dangerous content”, was the same as others.

He said, “Youtube thinks a video with Vitalik Buterin doing a Q&A about the Ethereum roadmap in 2016 at Coinbase is “Harmful or dangerous content. I’ve appealed…”

Vitalik Buterin then responded with discontentment. He stressed the benefit of early and quick response before the problem escalates. He sounded perturbed with the fact that an ordinary Ethereum roadmap Question and Answer could be flagged by YouTube.

Conclusively, he said this is an indication that the cryptocurrency community needs alternatives to YouTube, where their visual contents can be shared and accepted without fear or favor.

He said, “Huh? I know that poem says that speaking up when they come for me is already too late, but still, censoring an ethereum roadmap Q&A is just…. weird Looks like we need alternatives to youtube”.

Meanwhile, since the emergence of the ordeal, a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been calling for the creation of a decentralized video content sharing platform that will stand as the best alternative to YouTube, in order to curb YouTube’s unfavorable discrete action against cryptocurrency.

The Clampdown Seems Not Limited to Cryptocurrency

Tone Vays, the popular crypto trader and analyst has suggested that the recent clampdown of some selected video contents by YouTube seems not limited to the cryptocurrency industry, as other quarters on the platform face similar issue.

Vays said, “This recent YouTube Ban is NOT a Bitcoin attack, it’s affecting many non-crypto YouTube Creators & therefore most like the COPPA compliance laws on child content (Might also has to do w/ links in description) Willing to consider alternative platforms but they CAN’T have a SHITCOIN!”.