Vitalik Buterin Bewildered at YouTube Allegedly Censoring Ethereum 2016 Roadmap Video


As the crypto purge on the biggest video content platform YouTube continues, a crypto YouTuber shares a screenshot from a YouTube notification message. It says that a video in which Vitalik Buterin does a Q&A session regarding the 2016 roadmap at Coinbase contains harmful and dangerous content.

Vitalik Buterin responds that it is weird to censor a Q&A video that is three years old and states the crypto world does need alternatives to YouTube.

An old video with Vitalik Buterin banned by YouTube

A crypto blogger on YouTube Christian Peel has taken to Twitter to share that one of the crypto-related videos banned on his channel was about Ethereum. In it, the co-founder Vitalik Buterin does a Q&A session at Coinbase in 2016 and speaks about the Ethereum roadmap.

The screenshot of the YouTube notification states that this video contains ‘harmful and dangerous content’.

Bewildered, Vitalik Buterin responds to that, saying that it is weird to ban an Ethereum 2016 roadmap video.

Earlier, U.Today reported that Vitalik had become interested in the EOS-based “Voice” social media. The launch in beta is planned to happen in February 2020.

YouTube censoring crypto is highly unlikely: legal experts

A major cryptocurrency analyst Scott Melker disagrees with the alarm that the crypto community has been ringing and suggests that they are jumping to conclusions. He says:

“It is highly unlikely youtube is knowingly targeting crypto accounts or censoring the community.”

A legal expert Jake Chervinsky agrees with him, saying that those YouTubers might be violating Securities Act § 17(b), the “anti-touting” provision.

Another expert, Preston Byrne, does not seem to share that view. Still, he offers a simple explanation of the crypto purge, which hit a lot of popular crypto YouTubers the other day.