Virtual Blockchain Week Is A Virus-Proof Crypto Conference

It’s just the kind of event that these sequestered, hunkered-down times call for.

With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on any plans to get more than ten people in a room together, Virtual Blockchain Week is a weeklong conference taking place completely online, and it just so happens that Cointelegraph is the primary media partner for the event.

Virtual Blockchain Week attendees simply tune into the appropriate webcast to participate. The agenda kicks off the evening of April 26 and features a full lineup of huge blockchain names giving presentations and participating in fireside chats the entire following week. 

Because of the online nature of the event, this conference agenda won’t be shifted around or canceled for coronavirus reasons. You don’t even necessarily need to pay to attend — there’s a free ticket available if you want it — but a $97 VIP ticket will include a networking pre-party and speaker meet-and-greets. Furthermore, 50% of the money generated by selling these VIP tickets will go to a COVID-19 non-profit relief effort, the specific organization still TBD.

Confirmed agenda participants include such A-list crypto names as Tim Draper, CZ, Caitlin Long, Charlie Shrem, Brittany Kaiser, Anthony Pompliano, and Mati Greenspan. Now you don’t even need to leave home to catch up with the latest from these industry leaders.

“Right now we’re locked in around the world. Conferences are canceled,” said Joel Comm, cohost of the Bad Crypto Podcast and co-organizer of Virtual Blockchain Week. “There’s a need for connection and content now more than ever. It’s amazing how quickly people responded to our virtual conference — within 48 hours we had commitments from 23 speakers.

So stay tuned until the end of April. We’ll be bringing you the latest coverage and analysis from Virtual Blockchain Week, whether you score your free ticket or not.