Verge Partners With MeconCash to Enhance Marketing in South Korea

Utility focused cryptocurrency project Verge announced on Thursday that it had entered a marketing partnership with MeconCash. In their official tweet, Verge said that it would benefit from the sizeable marketing resources within the South Korean market of the Seoul-based crypto company, while Verge’s global community will benefit the former.

Crypto Advisor for the Verge, Michael stated that the goal of the company was to bring crypto-powered payments in everyday life for the users, and therefore, partnership with a forward-thinking company like MeconCash was a no brainer. In a Medium shared by Verge, he further added,

“We are very excited about this marketing partnership! MeconCash is a fast-developing company in one of the most advanced countries when it comes to use of digital currencies. South Korea recently legalized cryptocurrencies and made a huge step forward for digital currency users.”

On MeconCash’s side, its advisor Jo JaeDo said,

“MeconCash has been focusing mainly in the domestic market, however, with Verge as our marketing partner and our plans to roll out global services, we really believe we can expand our services to make the world a better place.”

Having Verge as their partner is humbling, and they would treat it as their brother, JaeDo, further added. MeconCash is a South Korean crypto platform that serves as an integrating point where users can transfer and trade their digital assets in return for services, settlements, and purchases. On the other hand, Verge is a user-friendly crypto project designed to be integrated for everyday utility.