U.S. Air Force teams up with SIMBA Chain, Constellation on blockchain-focused initiatives

U.S. Air Force teams up with SIMBA Chain, Constellation on blockchain-focused initiatives

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) revealed that it has recently closed two deals from different blockchain-focused initiatives. It has recently partnered with SIMBA Chain for a manufacturing traceability project and blockchain firm Constellation for data interoperability and security.


SIMBA Chain said that long value chains are a security issue particularly in military applications, “where hostile entities would attempt to obtain or modify critical data.”

Dubbed as the “Blockchain Approach for Supply Chain Additive Manufacturing Parts” or BASECAMP, the project aims to implement blockchain to distribute manufacturing on the field. Under the deal, SIMBA Chain will develop a blockchain prototype to register and trace additive manufacturing components during their lifespan.

The startup plans to decentralize additive manufacturing in the field and at the same time maintain data integrity so “repairs to vehicles can’t be tampered with by a third party, as top-secret 3D printing plans could be transmitted to forward forces without unwanted surveillance.”

The company uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for delivering “trust and reliability,” which are deemed as critical factors when providing support on the battlefield.

Founded in 2017, SIMBA Chain is the result of a grant awarded by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to the University of Notre Dame Centre for Research Computing and ITAMCO.

Constellation Network

Constellation Network Inc., a technology and blockchain company, is also set to deliver blockchain solution to the USAF for handling big data.

As per a press release, the technology will help manage traditionally non-accessible data and data sources known as Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2).

Currently, most of the data are either non-accessible or necessitate significant manpower to handle data forensics, planning, and collection. Under the partnership, Constellation will provide tools to enhance interoperability between legacy and future data types and offer decentralized security and encryption using blockchain technology. It will also create audit trails and a live overview of the status of any data source.

The move by the United States government to work with early-stage businesses and early innovation shows a massive shift by the public sector to be leaders in revolutionizing existing infrastructures by adopting new technologies that protect consumers’ privacy, while tackling futuristic visions of the connected world and joining the private sector in the $50B industry of big data,” Benjamin Jorgensen, Constellation CEO, said.

The contract is part of the USAF Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I program.

Blockchain in Military Applications

Earlier this month, South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) signed also signed an agreement with three national defense institutions to create a blockchain platform to enhance its business operations.

The new blockchain technology will focus on enhancing related technologies to the procurement of military equipment and stores, equipment logistics, and fund appropriation. The administration said it will also look into other potential uses cases, including certification, equipment delivery, import and export approval, and defense raw material management.

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