Top 5 Monero Faucets to Start Earning XMR

Those who arrive in the cryptocurrency space may find it hard to understand how different cryptocurrencies work, and faucets that pay out small amounts of crypto may be perfect for that. In this article we’re looking at the best Monero (XMR) faucets that can help you earn  the privacy-centric cryptocurrency.

Crypto faucets have become a popular way for users to gain access to tokens without having to directly purchase them through exchanges. While the payouts tend to be small, most do not involve an extensive amount of work or complex inputs. And, best of all, the rewards are free and allow for users to experiment with different crypto-assets without spending a penny. 

Express Faucet

Express Faucet isn’t just one of the top Monero facuets, as it allows users access to multiple cryptocurrencies while offering an on-platform wallet for storage. The faucet works through an auto-claim feature that enables users to claim 0.0004275 (subject to change) XMR in 30-minute intervals.

The built-in wallet may not rival the official XMR application, but it does come with an encrypted algorithm and provides a convenient form of storage for frequent users of the faucet. Express reports having over 24,000 users since launching in Oct. 2018, with a total payout of 0.57 XMR to date. 


MoneroFaucet.Info requires users to solve captchas in exchange for XMR rewards. The payout is based upon a tiered system that ranges from a minuscule 0.000005 to a more reasonable 0.025 XMR. Users will have to wait 60 minutes between claiming their rewards, but the platform allows for the direct mining monero in the interim.

Web-browser mining is less efficient than traditional mining, but the payouts are made directly to user accounts through the website. In addition, users can dictate the amount of computing power they wish to direct towards mining, which can be performed as a background function while browsing.


XMR-Faucet, similar to MoneroFaucet.Info, requires users to solve captchas to receive their payout. The timer-delay is more significant than other options, forcing users to wait 240 minutes between payouts. However, the platform also employs a lottery game that can result in extra XMR generation. Users can link their faucethub micro-wallet to direct payments from the website. 


MyCryptoHub is another one of the best Monero faucets to also include multiple cryptoassets in its platform, which users can leverage to obtain XMR. The site relies upon solving captchas and directing users to short-link websites to obtain their payout. The faucet interval is shorter than other options, set to every 3 minutes, which allows more active users the opportunity to earn XMR. The website serves as a hub for all of their cryptoasset payouts, allowing users to claim their coins instantly into a faucethub micro-wallet. 

ClaimFreeCoins Monero

Claim Free Coins is multi-asset faucet that includes the privacy-centric cryptocurrency. Users solve captchas to earn XMR, with a decent payout of 5,000 piconero for each five-minute interval. The platform requires users to register before gaining access to the faucet and makes payouts directly into faucethub micro-wallet. 

Choosing a Good Faucet

While faucets are not going to elevate you into the nuovo crypto rich, they are a fun and fast way to start earning coins. When choosing a good faucet, look for the best time versus payout ratio. In addition, consider each platform’s requirement for payouts. Some websites necessitate a certain amount of crypto to be obtained before making a transfer, which can lead to wasted feffort if not fulfilled. 

It’s alkso important to check for user feedback – not just with these Monero faucets but with every cryptocurrency-related service, as security is sacrosant in this space.

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