This Week In Dash: September 16th

This week has been another very productive and eventful week for Dash with plenty of integrations, developments, and general news. Continue reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Network Developments of the Week:

  • Coinbase Pro Confirms Dash Deposits 12 Times Faster Than Bitcoin: Coinbase Pro integrated Dash last week and made its confirmation time 12 times faster than Bitcoin by requiring only two confirmations at 2.5 minute block times vs. Bitcoin’s required six confirmations at 10 minute block times. Dash is also faster than Bitcoin Cash’s 12 required confirmations, roughly two hours or 24 times longer than Dash, Bitcoin SV’s required 1,008 confirmations, a week’s worth of confirmations, and Ethereum Classic required 5,676 confirmation. Dash’s ChainLocks is largely responsible for the shorter confirmation time since it further mitigates against 51% attacks and double spends.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Dash Added to Coinbase One Week After Coinbase Pro Exchange Announcement: A week after being added to Coinbase Pro, Dash has been added to the retail consumer focused trading website and app. Coinbase is widely seen as one of the top tier cryptocurrency exchanges and even became the top most popular apps in the Apple App store during the last market surge in 2017. The integration positions Dash well to see wider adoption during the next market surge of consumers.
  • SafePal Hardware Wallet Integrates Dash, Expanding Storage Options: The hardware wallet backed by Binance recently integrated Dash, which brings more competition to the hardware sector, especially since it is on sale for $39.99, less than their competitors Ledger and Trezor. SafePal highlights many of their security features, including EAL 5+ financial grade crypto chip to protect private keys. The integration provides more options for consumers looking to better protect their money and data since both cryptocurrency exchange and fiat banking hacks are a significant risk.
  • Binance Announces New Dash Lending Service And Margin Trading Options: Binance will be launching the fifth phase of their cryptocurrency lending products and will include Dash with 14 day fixed terms, as well as margin trading options. The initial launch will include 30,000 Dash in total with a cap of 300 Dash per individual and have interest rates of 3.5%. The Binance lending option will join other crypto lending platforms such as YouHodler, Celsius, and SALT which not only provides more short term liquidity to crypto holders, but also provides a higher savings rate for individuals in an environment where traditional banks struggle to pay out 1%-2% in savings rates.
  • Dash Added to TurtleNetwork DEX Decentralized Exchange: TurtleNetwork is a decentralized exchange that claims 2,289 customers (wallets), 40 nodes, and 280,642 as the highest amount of transactions in a single day. The integration joins the other decentralized exchanges that Dash has been integrated into, including Komodo AtomicDEX, Dynx, DashNearby, Dashous, Wall of Coins, and Bisq. The growing list of decentralized exchanges shows that consumers are moving towards areas where they can better retain their privacy for increased security and achieve better savings. 
  • BitAsset Exchange Adds Dash Trading Pairs For Chinese Yuan and Taiwanese Dollar: The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange will support Dash InstantSend for their new integration of the Chinese yuan, Taiwanese dollar, and USDT trading pairs. The integration adds to the growing presence of Dash in Asia, including BigOne, BitOffer, Bvnex, and MBAEX, along with Consentium and numerous merchants. The integration also joins a quickly growing list of worldwide exchanges that support Dash InstantSend, which enables consumers to gain access to their money faster.
  • Cryptocurrency Travel Booking Service XcelTrip Integrates Dash: The travel booking service enables individuals to currently book over 800,000 hotels and over 400 airlines with crypto, now including Dash. XcelTrip enables purchasing via iOS, Android, and web and pass their cost savings back to consumers via a cash back service that immediately credits consumers on 15% of their bookings. XcelTrip joins More Stamps Global,, TravelbyBit, and also Travala, which has become the official travel partner of Dash Core and even offers all users 5% off their bookings.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Chief Product Owner, on what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week.

  • ????‍♀️ Made InstantSend locks and Number of Masternodes fields copyable in Core wallet
  • ⏩ Fix in DashCore to slightly speed up blockchain sync
  • ???? Made a few fixes to PrivateSend mixing on DashCore wallet
  • ???? Updated the UI for the global footer on DashWallet Android

General News of the Week:

  • Burundi Bans Cryptocurrency Trading Citing Lack of Consumer Protection: Burundi has officially banned cryptocurrency trading saying that there is a lack of user protection in the industry and the government’s inability to completely oversee the industry. The crackdown comes despite Africans’ need for an alternative payment methods since Nigeria, a fairly advanced economy, still has a transaction failure rate of 15%. The ban will instead shift consumers that still want to use cryptocurrency over to using decentralized exchanges instead.

Dash Media of the Week:

Dash continues to power ahead with fantastic integrations in many consumer sectors that make Dash more available and usable by consumers and merchants in every day life. Dash’s recognition by the popular exchange Coinbase signals that Dash is just getting started with recognition for its numerous advanced features. Continue following Dash News to find out how Dash advances next to keep the momentum going.

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