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Storj has seen over 60% price increase at some point today, resulting in the crypto community thinking the digital asset is preparing for a listing on Coinbase.

Although, today, Storj had traded at 65% price increase. However, as at the time of writing, Storj is changing hands at $0.266345 with over 31% value increase. The digital currency has since been switching between 82nd and 87th position in the coin market.

Storj: How The Coinbase Rumour Started

Early December, Coinbase listed Storj among some digital asset it plans to list in the future. Of the digital assets, there is high potential the respected exchange list Storj ahead of other digital currencies for so many reasons.

During the announcement, Coinbase had stated clearly that to add new asset “requires significant exploratory work from both a technical and compliance standpoint”. In this regards, the team behind Storj have been working closely.

Storj Lab’s Co-founder Presented At Coinbase

In October, Stroj Lab Co-founder Shawn Wilkinson had a presentation at the Coinbase’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The co-founder presented to Coinbase’s People of Color Employee Resource Group (ERG).

Storj Recruits Coinbase Executive

Since December, Storj has been conversing with Katherine Johnson, Director of Compliance Regulation at Coinbase, until the team was able to recruit Katherine as a member of Storj Labs’ Board of Directors.

A Little About Storj

Storj launches with the aim of providing decentralised cloud storage to its community and thr world at large.

The blockchain platform survives on the principle that each user is supposed to have equal amount of space on the network. While users rent out their space, they receive a certain amount for renting their extra disk space.

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