Ripple Whale Moves 20,014,200 XRP from Funding Wallet 1 to Coinbase

Today, a new whales movement is caught in crypto where Ripple (XRP) worth 5,559,994 USD got moved from a ‘Funding Wallet 1’ to a wallet that reportedly belongs to Coinbase.

The transfer of this transaction occurred on Monday 07, 2019, at 16:48:50 UTC. Nevertheless, the sender wallet address identified as rU1bPM4q2rVhC73F7znm7Lt5QnYzZsV35q, which is reportedly an address, belonged to funding wallet pf Ripple. In contrast, the recipient’s address rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg is said to be related to Coinbase crypto exchange.

Whales transfer isn’t new in the crypto industry. Very recently, on October 6, 30000000 XRP were moved from a mysterious crypto wallet to funding wallet 1. These XRP tokens were believed to be as equal as 3,371,809 USD. As in both the cases funding wallet is involved, reports mentioned that the funding wallet 1 is owned by Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple.

XRP Bleeding Regularly

On the other hand, the XRP market price broke out radically, which stressed the XRP bag holders. Subsequently, XRP has been trading at just cents for quite long now, and in fact, the token remained within $0.27 – $0.24 against USD. But it’s worth noting that the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, XRP is catching-up with the colossal promotion on social media by its Ripple army.

As we write this, XRP is currently traded at $0.27 against the USD after seeing a significant boost today. At the time of reporting, XRP scored a 7.40 percent increase in value over the past 24 Hrs, which resulted in a brief surge in its market capitalization as $11,840,278,395.

In a nutshell, Ripple, the parent company of XRP, isn’t primarily looking at the dipping value of XRP – instead, the firm is profoundly moving with the successful completion of partnership, acquisition and other deals with various financial players across the world.

As such, Ripple’s partner Banco Santander SA is seeking to invest billions in its forthcoming plan of setting up global digital banking. Moving forward, Santander is viewing to expand its banking services at a worldwide level.

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