Ripple Reaches 250 Customers, Reveals its Regional VP (EMAI)

The Regional Vice President (EMAI) of Ripple, Mr. Stephen Overton states that Ripple currently counts 250 banking clients. Stephen’s statement comes in a wake of Ripple’s latest partnership with the Pakitan’s Faysal bank Limited. Although Ripple has been stating that the company has 200+ customers, the exact number remained secreted for quite long.

However, in an earlier report circulated in this month alone, Stuart Alderoty, the General Counsel at Ripple revealed that the company has secured 220 customers. While the number 220 seems impressive for the whole XRP community, the latest interview snap of Stephen Overton who said Ripple has 250 customers – baffled few members of the XRP community.

Whether the report of Ripple hitting 220 banks is true or 250, the fintech firm has not confirmed via an official statement of Ripple (neither from the website nor via its twitter handle). And, TWJ Crypto didn’t receive an official confirmation yet, too. But notably, the giant has been active in garnering the attention of a range of banks and financial institutions from across the various parts of the world.

Ripple’s Latest Partnerships

Faysal Bank Limited from Pakistan, South Korea’s two largest banks Shinhan and Woori Bank, National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) from the Middle East, Interbank from Peru and Vitesse are few of the latest financial entities that have recently appeared on top bulletins with Ripple.

By partnering with these and other new financial institutions, Ripple is broadening the reach of its blockchain-payment products. The banks are apparently sharing how Ripple’s partnership is adding a feather on their hat and help their customers with the cheapest and efficient cross-border payment transfer services.

As such, Ripple’s existing customer Xendpay expressed their excitement of being a part of Ripple. The company’s head of Product Innovation, Bhavin Vaghela says that “Ripple has helped them reduce the transfer processing time by 99%.” In his continuous note, Bhavin said;

“We needed a partner that could introduce us to local banks and have the infrastructure for quick implementation. That’s happened with Ripple.”

Another example that witnessed Ripple is enabling its customers with the effective blockchain payment solution is Faysal Bank Limited. The bank revealed the brief details of signing up with Ripple on its Twitter handle, reading;

Faysal Bank introduces a digitally enabled solution for its customers through partnering with Ripple. With this partnership, fast, secure and convenient cross border payments can be made.

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