Ripple Price Surges Almost by 2% in the Last 24 Hours

The market is currently trading with a mixed trend. Where some coins are dropping at a tremendous rate, some are riding the bull. Ripple comes in the latter category as the price is moving ahead to create a new intraday high. Many other coins have also joined the bandwagon.

The intraday traders weren’t expecting much from XRP but look like, the currency wishes to take the investors by surprise. To have a precise view of the momentum, let’s have a look at the intraday chart of Ripple.

XRP/USD Price Chart

Yesterday, Ripple started dealing at $0.190. The coin immediate moved to $0.193 by 1.40%. The currency couldn’t hold itself but later fell to $0.191 by 0.85%. Further, the XRP price moved to $0.194 by 1.13%. Then, the coin dropped to $0.192 by 0.92%. Ripple cryptocurrency escalated once again and this time to $0.19460 by 1.30%. And then, the coin slipped to $0.192 by 1.33%. Further, the currency traded to $0.195 by 1.49%. The price slipped to $0.193 by 1.26%. There was yet another upsurge that took Ripple’s price to $0.195 by 1.29%. The closing hour brought XRP price to $0.193 by 0.90%.

The intraday movement in Ripple reflected an upsurge of 1.48%. Today, the coin started with a heavy fall of almost 1.15%. The counters moved from $0.193 to $0.191. Further, the price recovered and is currently at $0.193 again with 1.15% profit in the XRP price.

It wouldn’t be long enough for the coin to cross its crucial resistance level at $0.197. As per Trade99’s analysts, the coin might also breach the major resistance level at $0.199 soon. Ripple is a high potential coin and it may bring a great return in the future. The XRP coin is recommended for long-term traders. The specified period would bring the desired return to the investors.