Ripple Partner SBI VC jump-starts free XRP rewards campaign

One of the Ripple’s leading banking partners SBI VC has started a campaign in which they will distribute XRP coins as gifts to the existing and new account holders.

Yesterday, SBI VC Trade announced that they have begun a campaign for the account holders in which the bank will give XRP coins as a prize. The existing account holders can win up to 200,000 Yen worth XRP all depending upon the transaction money. Moreover, the new account holder will be gifted XRP worth 1,000 Yen soon after the account goes live.

The new account holders will have to open their account on VCTRADE to be eligible for winning XRP. The account holders that will be part of this campaign are the Neomova account holders. Besides, the more the transaction amount of XRP, the more chances to win maximum Ripple coins.

The campaign will run for almost three months lasting from 23rd Aug to 29th Nov 2019. The eligibility criteria for the users to be part of this campaign is; for winning XRP gift worth 1,000 Yen, users must have a Neomova account, VCTRADE account opening, and entry on the campaign screen.

Same criteria lie for those users who would be participating based on the transaction amount. The transaction amount varies, and so does the gift prize.


XRP Transaction Amount XRP Present Quantity
01. 100,000 yen or more to less than 1 million yen XRP gift worth 1,500 yen
02. 1 million yen or more to less than 3 million yen XRP gift worth 15,000 yen
03. 3 million yen or more to less than 10 million yen XRP gift worth 30,000 yen
04. 10 million yen or more to less than 20 million yen XRP gift worth 100,000 yen
05. More than 20 million yen XRP gift worth 200,000 yen

* 1 to 5 are the total transaction amount during the campaign period

Key Things to Notice about SBI Ripple gift campaign

Despite opening an account on SBI, if the users still don’t have one on VCTRADE, they would not be the part of the XRP campaign. If the users are unable to identify the e-mail address currently used in VCTRADE and SBI Neomobile Securities Department Store or Account Number that they had entered in the entry form, they will not be eligible for the campaign.

So, every user needs to make sure that they enter the correct e-mail address currently used in VCTRADE and SBI Neomobile Securities Department Store/Account Number. Also, the decision of whether the customer who entered is eligible for this campaign will be made by SBI VC.

Moreover, the clients would not have opened an account with VCTRADE by 5:00 pm on November 29, 2019; they will not be eligible for this campaign. It takes almost ten days from application for opening an account to completion, including screening and mailing. So, this is another point to notice, if you are willing to be the part of Ripple (XRP) campaign.

The goods receipt quantity and goods issue quantity are not subject to the transaction amount. Moreover, if the Company determines that any facts that violate the Company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ are found; it will be excluded from this campaign. And also, if the account is canceled at the time of grant, users will not be eligible for this campaign.

A Good Push for XRP

As the campaign will last for three months, it will allow more users to enter and use the services of SBI VC and win XRP coins, and ultimately get to know about Ripple to a reasonable extent. More than winning, its a sort of an awareness campaign regarding cryptocurrencies and especially Ripple’s XRP. XRP being a core aspect of this movement will help boost the promotion of Ripple’s native coin in Japan (at least).

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