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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse often makes various important statements. Previously, a survey was conducted among users of social networks, according to which the head of Ripple was recognized as a really serious chapter, paying much attention to innovation. The head of Ripple in his statements often addresses the position of Libra Facebook. So, now the head of Ripple pointed out the apparent lateness of Facebook’s Libra.


Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse emphasized that Libra Facebook was late. This statement was made by the head of Ripple in a new interview with Fox News. According to the head of Ripple, Libra Facebook has a huge problem, which in the end will not allow the project to advance. First of all, the result of this, as the Ripple CEO emphasized, is a massive distrust of Libra Facebook. This is manifested, according to the head of Ripple, both among regulators and ordinary users.

In addition, as the head of Ripple emphasized, the new concepts presented in the project from Facebook cannot be called new. Ripple CEO Garlinghouse said the technologies Facebook is about to offer are already on the market. It is Ripple who has been implementing and promoting such technologies, doing this for years. At the same time, Ripple has a network with more than 200 partners around the world, as well as a fairly strong trust from regulators. Previously, the popularity of Ripple on social networks was also noted. Thus, Ripple has already achieved what Facebook is going to achieve, and being late has led to the fact that the latter will most likely fail. Also in his interview, the CEO of Ripple also talked about the new ripple office in Washington.

According to the head of Ripple, it is very important for the company to interact with US regulators on the blockchain. Earlier, Ripple already emphasized that the United States needs to pay more attention to the development of crypto technologies in the state. Otherwise, this may lead to a weakening of the United States in terms of trade. Ripple actively advises various regulators of this country on blockchain issues, helping with the development of the regulatory framework for crypto technologies. It is worth noting that also Ripple is trying to achieve the correct regulation of the blockchain throughout the world. So, Ripple representative Michelle Bond previously noted that the company sees the need to comply with the requirements of all regulators so that the company’s clients do not encounter obstacles when trying to use a particular service.

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