Ripple And SBI Holdings Create SBI Ripple Asia To Promote Crypto In The Region

Despite the negative news related to XRP, Ripple is looking for an opportunity to expand the use of its tokens. At the beginning of the year, the company partnered with the Japanese company SBI Holdings. Now the businesses have joined forces to create SBI Ripple Asia, which will promote RippleNet and XRP in the region.

15.08.2019  |   in Cryptocurrencies

SBI Ripple Asia has launched a promotion campaign called Shareholder Benefits Campaign. The idea is to provide each SBI shareholder with 30 XRP, which would allow them to familiarize themselves with the cryptocurrency and promote this technology further.

Another goal of the campaign is returns. SBI has been increasing its dividends for 10 consecutive years. Shareholders interested in receiving the tokens can use the company’s My Virtual Currency application to get them.

SBI is also about to start using Ripple as an intermediary to pay dividends to the company’s shareholders. SBI’s CEO Yoshitaka KITAO was also invited as an executive director at Ripple, making both companies even closer.

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