Revuo Monero Weekly Issue #30 is out! Douglas Tumar examines the possibilities brought about by LocalMonero

According to the candlestick chart associated with the XMR/USD pair on tradingview [based on data obtained from the Poloniex Exchange], sellers are yet to relinquish control over this privacy-centric virtual currency. The daily RSI [for 14 periods] is at 39 which shows us that Monero ain’t too far away from the oversold territory. From 16th October onwards, the peaks tied to the Awesome Oscillator all possessed the green shade, which points to bullish momentum impacting XMR.

The MACD line has lingered above the signal line for the past 2 weeks; the gap between the two has shrunk negligibly which led to the creation of the faded green histogram. On the 17th of October, XMR had managed to soar to $60, and a new level of resistance was erected at $60.98 which may be broken by Monero by the following week. Support can be found close to the $50.322 mark.

Those who are still unaware of its arrival, allow traders from all over the world to purchase and sell XMR coins and features one of the safest platforms for Monero enthusiasts. In the wake of centralized exchanges like UpBit and many other delisting privacy-based projects, this website has featured an influx of XMR HODLers. This P2P trading platform operates in a manner similar to and

Issue #30 of Revuo Monero Weekly examines the latest developments linked to this highly-ranked project which is primarily crowd-funded and has a particularly vibrant community. You can find the entire article right here. Monero Outreach has welcomed feedback from merchants as well as users pertaining to the UX of Monero.

The Periodic Coffee Chat was carried out a day back at 16:00 [UTC].

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