Revuo Monero Weekly Issue #26 published; Upbit removes support for Monero {XMR} and Zcash {ZEC}

Monero is ranked at #12, to the south of Cardano and Stellar in the market. The price shrunk at a rate of 4.51% in the course of the past 24-hours. This brought XMR all the way down to $73.24 where it presently stands. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $93.261 million, and the supply has 17,219,415 XMR coins engaged in circulation. The total market cap of Monero is $1.261 billion as of this instant.

According to the latest issue of Revuo Monero Weekly, the Linux Mint project now welcomes donations in the form of XMR coins. BLOC GUI Miner alongside XMRig keeps being updated by respective developers [XMRig has a beta version which can be tested by those interested].

Not too long ago, OKEx Korea had decided that delisting Monero, Dash and a few other privacy-centric coins would be the optimal solution [so as to draw less attention from the authorities]. Now, Upbit has jumped on the bandwagon, after yesterday’s blog post announced the removal of Monero {XMR}, DASH, Zcash {ZEC}, Haven {XHV}, BitTube, and PIVX from their platform.

By next month, all activities related to trading these currencies shall be permanently shut down. Upbit has requested investors to not deposit funds as they are currently not accepting deposits either. However, one can choose to withdraw the funds already present, and the deadline associated with this has been extended to 19th October.

Let me explain this matter clearly: banning cryptocurrencies and shunning them because they promote a basic human right is certainly not an advisable solution. I feel that delisting projects will lead to mass adoption in nations like China, Bangkok, Russia, and so on, as more people become aware of the hype surrounding privacy-based coins.

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