Reuvo Issue #24 published, how XMR and ZEC protect you from KYC and AML regulations

Monero is ranked at #10 to the south of Bitcoin SV in the market. The trading volume recorded is $59.251 million, whereas the supply has 17,195,536 XMR coins in play as of this moment. The total market cap of Monero is $1.283 billion for now, and XMR is priced at $74.66.

At this year’s World Crypto Con [which shall be held in Las Vegas, Nevada], there’ll be a dedicated booth for Monero enthusiasts. Speakers representing XMR, EOS and numerous other projects will be present at this event.

The meeting for developers is slated to occur tomorrow and the research lab gathering shall transpire a day later on the 8th of September. On the 10th, the GUI meeting will take place, and on the 14th, the Community Workgroup members will band together. Ownbit 3.1.1 for iOS devices was released 4 days ago, and pretty soon the wallet will support XMR coins.

ChangeNOW is integrated with Cake Wallet; the latter released an updated version a few days back. Various exchanges have delisted privacy-centric altcoins due to pressure from lawmakers regarding the necessity of KYC and AML undertakings. Centralized exchanges can take advantages of this loophole.

Data breaches have become common in the cryptosphere. Hackers have evolved with the passage of time, and a dusting attack [classified as “less dangerous” in comparison to 51% hacks] has already been launched against Binance.

Your home address, passport information [or any other personal ID you had used to sign up on an exchange], IP, trades, lie virtually exposed if you join Coinbase, Poloniex, and so on. Funds must remain safe and secure at all costs, thus amplifying the need for Monero.

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