Researchers find Bitcoin sextortion malware also mines Monero

Analysts have reportedly discovered the source of the sextortion emails that’ve plagued the internet since last year  the ones that demand Bitcoin BTC or else they’ll leak videos of you masturbating to kinky pornography.

Reason Cybersecurity researchers dubbed the malware Save Yourself, as recipients typically receive the bogus emails from senders like “”

The emails state that dangerous malware has infected the recipient’s machine, but Reason found this isn’t the case.

Instead, the firm discovered the malware forcing devices to act as blackmail proxies is also secretly mining privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero, with all funds generated going directly the attackers.

Save Yourself cleaners are spreading more malware

The firm was clear to point out that receiving the Bitcoin sextortion email doesn’t automatically mean infection, just that the recipient’s email address has been exposed in a password dump.

Researchers ironically found, however, that many sites offering products to supposedly remove the Save Yourself malware were actually peddling malware.