RandomX goes LIVE on public Monero {XMR} testnet; have you purchased Fresh Arabica from Quintas da Serra yet?

Monero is now positioned at #13 after a short-lived battle against Cardano took place a few minutes ago in the market. The price waned at a rate of 2.51% in the course of the past 24-hours. This brought XMR all the way down to $57.63 where it presently rests. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $178.133 million, while the supply has 17,229,452 XMR coins included as part of circulation. The total market cap of Monero amounts to $992.87 million.

According to the candlestick chart connected to the XMR/USD pair [based on data obtained from Poloniex], the privacy-centric digital currency is still being swayed by sellers. The daily RSI [for 14 periods] is at 29.42 which signifies that Monero is being oversold as of this instant. In the aftermath of 22nd September, the MACD line has been steadily declining underneath the signal line.

The Awesome Oscillator peaks were green prior to 24th, which points towards increasing bearish momentum. Resistance may be felt close to the $75.0237 mark, and support lies adjacent to the $52.532 level.

Approximately an hour ago, RandomX’s arrival on the testnet was declared via the very same Twitter handle. A day back, the CTO of Symas Group and XMR enthusiast Howard Chu shared a similar message via Reddit. The RandomX Proof-of-Work methodology has been integrated with the Git Master. Further testing for Windows and Mac binaries may be required, as the private testnet featured “only Linux builds”. The fork occurred several hours prior to expectation as the testnet hashrate sped up.

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