Rainforest Foundation accepts Bitcoin Cash {BCH} and Litecoin {LTC} donations; are you willing to contribute and save “The Lungs of the Earth”?

Bitcoin Cash is ranked at #4 and is presently in the green zone. The trading volume recorded is $1.302 billion, while the supply has 17,987,738 BCH coins in play. As of this moment, the total market cap of Bitcoin Cash is $5.333 billion. BTC is priced at $296.53 for now, after it climbed at a rate of 0.52% in the course of the past 24-hours.

The Rainforest Foundation welcomes Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin as well as Bitcoin Cash donations. In an initiative meant to organize efforts so as to prevent further destruction of the Amazon, the Foundation has begun to accept funds in the form of cryptocurrencies from scores of backers scattered through the globe.

Suzanne Pelletier, the Executive Director at the Rainforest Foundation has displayed an optimistic attitude towards “cryptocurrency users” whose innovative approach towards Money has impressed hundreds of investors. The Amazon Forest has been burning, and the destruction is spreading at an alarming rate. Deforestation has also been highlighted as a key problem and is approaching a tipping point.

If you’d like to donate crypto, check out this official link which shall showcase the dire situation in the Forest. This year, the Waorani had squared off against Big Oil so as to save their ecosystem from being destroyed as a result of impending capitalistic greed. Leonardo DiCaprio backed this project.

The Bitcoin Cash City Conference took place in North Queensland, Australia this year. Merchants belonging to these regions are gradually beginning to recognize the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies as a viable mode of payment. A few weeks ago, Alcor [focused on cryogenics] had welcomed donations in the form of BTC and BCH coins.

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