Price Analysis: Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Tron (TRX)

  • Ripple continues a slow uptrend, yesterday’s rebound remains intact
  • XRP seems to have support at $0.2529
  • Monero is consolidating around $67 at the moment
  • XMR’s SMA lines show a positive sign
  • TRX is struggling to remain above $0.0155

After a long time, the crypto market has witnessed a bright day as it notes an upward shift in the prices of a majority of the coins. If we consider Bitcoin, it has climbed above $9,600, whereas it was dealing with the price range of $9,400-$9,500 yesterday. While the ‘not so strong’ price rise is trying to gain strength, the altcoins have started to respond to the uptrend to a certain extent.


Ripple Price Chart

Ripple price is resuming yesterday’s recovery as it continues to trade upward. However, market bears are still keeping XRP price away from crossing $0.26. Yesterday, the coin kept hovering around its key support level of $0.25. Latter, the coin saw a steady drop near $0.2559 after tracing a ‘head and shoulder’ pattern.

With the fall, XRP saw a loss of 1.62% in its price and found support there. With a slight rebound, the coin saw its closing price of the day at $0.2562. Thankfully, Ripple is surging right now and is at $0.2568 while attempting to cross price barriers near $0.26 at 04:21:25 UTC.

MACD is in the bullish zone and is about to have a bearish crossover. RSI is above 50, showing no extremities. Notably, the short term SMA line is above the long term SMA line, indicating to bullish momentum. Ripple price may see resistance at $0.2581, $0.26 and $0.262, and support at $0.253, $0.2508 and $0.248.


Monero Price Chart
Monero Price Chart

Monero has also noted an increase in its price over a day. After yesterday’s surge, the coin has been maintaining its price above $67. Yesterday morning was a bit bearish for Monero price as it saw a decline to $65.93. Though seeing a support level there, XMR took a steady surge above $68 with an increase of 3.40%. The coin corrected down a bit from here and traced a dip at $66.92. Before closing on the day, XMR has managed to climb above $0.67 again.

XMR price is consolidating around $67 since today morning and is at $67.65 at 04:31:41 UTC.

MACD chart is entering the bearish phase with its MACD line below the signal line. RSI is also heading towards an oversold phase but is above 40. Although the long term SMA line is moving below the short term SMA line indicating a bullish sign.

Monero may face resistance at $68.54, $69.22 and $70.36, and support levels at $66.72, $65.58 and $64.9.


Tron Price chart
Tron Price chart

Tron price is in a hassle to sustain the uptrend in its price which took place yesterday. TRX coin started trading at $0.0152 yesterday and with a stable increase, it reached $0.0157 with an increase of more than 3%. The coin saw a pullback to $0.0153 but managed to climb above $0.01560 before closing.

Today TRX has seen a miner price dip and has moved up from there, TRX price is trading at $0.01554 at 04:42:32 UTC.

MACD chart has just formed a bearish crossover, while RSI is near 50, showing no extremities. Tron price may see resistance at $0.0158, $0.0160 and $0.0163, while it may find support at $0.0153, $0.0150, and $0.0147.

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