Monero (XMR) still stuck with a moderate loss

Monero is currently spotted locked by the moderate bearish trend. The coin is struggling to climb up but end up in vain. However, the loss seems marginal and the prospect of improvement is quite high. The traders of the coin are aware of the movement. Monero is speculated to embark the uptrend soon.

The intraday movement of XMR coin might remain at a similar range as the chances of improvement are quite thin. The market cap of Monero is noted as $816,923,789 and the 24hr volume stands at $85,387,069.

Monero Price Analysis

Monero News

Yesterday, Monero started dealing at $45.51. The price jumped to $46.01 by 1.12%. The escalation continued that took the XMR price to $46.82 by 1.76%. The currency slipped in the later hours to $46.38 by 0.94%. The coin jumped again, and this time the price went up to $46.81. Monero price slipped to $46.45 and then it improved and reached $47.30. The coin dropped to $46.45 by 1.28% fall. There was a slight upsurge recorded in the XMR price. The last hour brought the coin to $46.66 by 0.52%. The intraday movement of the coin brought a 2.53% escalation in the price. Today, Monero’s price escalated to $46.76 by 0.20% and then slipped to $46.48.

The current price of Monero is at $46.48. The coin seems to be near the immediate support at $45.55. The same might get breached in the coming hours. If the price movement improves, then XMR coin would find resistance at $50.33.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $50.33
R2 $49.06
R3 $47.94
Support Level Price
S1 $45.55
S2 $44.28
S3 $43.16

Monero is suggested the long-term investment. The specified period is speculated to give the desired result to the traders.