Monero {XMR} evolves: Multisig support added to JavaScript RPC, Java RPC and JNI, and C++ libraries

Monero is ranked at #10 above Cardano and Stellar in the market. The trading volume recorded is $58.805 million, while the supply has 17,195,280 XMR coins in play. As of this instant, the total market cap of Monero is $1.277 billion. XMR is priced at $74.29 for now after a 3.43% drop rate resulted in its decline in the course of the past 24-hours.

According to the data obtained from the chart linked to the XMR/USD pair on tradingview, XMR was being overbought a day ago. It was one of the few altcoins which was being propelled by buyers, and Bitcoin was recovering as well. The 4-hourly RSI has since dipped to 41.65 in a span of a day.

The Awesome Oscillator peaks are presently lingering to the north of the zero line, but the final 3 have been brown. This points to bearish pressure incrementing gradually. Support can be found at $71.395, and barriers may impact the coin at the $80.575 mark.

To know more about the development related to Multisig Support, head to this link.

Wasabi and Samourai have attracted a ton of attention [and popularity in 2019]. This is because there is no proper way for one to know whether their BTC is tainted [due to past usage for illicit transactions], thus making the king coin a non-fungible asset. This issue will only grow bigger, as 90% of the darknet transactions involve Bitcoin instead of Monero, ZCash, and other privacy-centric projects.

A few hours back, the latest episode of Magical Crypto Friends was released. Charlie Lee and Riccardo Spagni were invited as guests; do take a closer look if need be:

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