Monero (XMR) Demonstrates Potential to Exhibit Positive Price Momentum

Monero exhibits great potential lately by holding uptight in the terrible market situation. The same reflects that Monero would be a great currency to book future profit. The market conditions are improving and the same could be a start to a new beginning.

Intraday trading could bring the desired improvement in the XMR coin. If we look at yesterday’s price movement, the coin touched a high at $57.20 and a low at $53.91. Yesterday’s volume was at $74,691,742.

Monero Price Analysis:

Yesterday, Monero’s price slipped from $56.188 to $53.600 by 5.37%. There was an immediate recovery in the price which took XMR coin to $57.740 with 7.72% hike. The day closed at $57.08 with an intraday escalation of 1.70%. Today, there was a hike observed in the price of Monero. The price moved from $57.086 to $58.352 with 2.22% hike.


Monero has spent the first six months miraculously. The disappointment followed in the last quarter and now, we have the final quarter of the year with a high expectation. The traders are gazing at the chart with the hope of hefty recovery. The price of XMR coin may recover soon and hence the investment wouldn’t go futile in the long-term. Talking about today, Monero is dealing with a market cap of $990,676,961. The ROI is recorded as 2,222.48%. The 24-hour volume is at $75,738,450. The circulating supply is at 17,236,264 XMR.

Monero is likely to close the year by crossing its 30-Day high value of $82. As per the current price movement, XMR would give the best result for short-term investment. To avoid any misfortunes, traders should consider following support and resistance levels:

R1: $58.04, R2: $59.27 and R3: $61.33

S1: $54.75, S2: $52.69 and S3: $51.46

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