Monero Value Escalates by 3% in Last 24 Hours

Berlin Monero meet-up was hosted today. And well, the hope is that users will surely learn about the credibility of XMR network.

XMR to USD Price Analysis:

XMR is recently seen trading at $56.66 at 08:14 UTC hours as on October 10, 2019. In intraday trading, Monero was initially trading below the baseline at $54.88 at 04:45 UTC. The value then surged by 2.51% at 10:21 UTC and was seen trading at $56.25. The value slightly went descending by 1.93% at 13:03 UTC, with the trading value of $55.17.

The value then escalated by 4.64% at 22:06 UTC hours seen trading at $57.732. The value from then decreased by 1.85% as of now.

The fluctuations in the daily chart are commendable, but the average leads to a descending valuation. Speaking of short-term prognosis, the value might drop further by around 10% in the upcoming few days or week leading to valuation of around $50, if it plunges notably. The long-term movement, however, is predicted to have a good upsurge. To conclude, the short-term movement is predicted to be little crunch as the value might descent a little more.

The resistance and support level are calculated as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $60.69, R2: $59.15, R3: $58.3

Support Levels:

S1: $55.91, S2: $54.37, S3: $53.52

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