Monero Records a 1.5X Growth Since the Start of the Year; Exhibits Its Efficiency

  • Monero gets thumbs up on its advanced security features
  • Monero is expected to cross newer price marks if the current market trend is improved.

In the last 30-days, the highest recorded value of XMR was $82, and if the trend gets better the coin is expected to cross this value soon again. However, this is possible if XMR escalates to move past $70 in the next few days and rise to $75 before the month ends. The coin has been one of the most talked-about for its security features, and this gives it an edge against many current top players in the crypto market.

XMR Price Analysis:

As on October 4, 2019, at 09:08:36 UTC, the price of XMR token is noted to be $55.27, and it has recorded a dip of over 25% in the last 30 days. The coin moved from $73.85 to $81.28 in the first few days but then started dipping and fell up to $55 gradually. The lowest recorded value of Monero in the last 30-days was $53.91. It has recovered from that but may take some time to move past $70 again.

Monero Price
XMR Chart By TradingView

XMR started the year trading at $46, and it is currently moving almost 1.5X above this value. The coin’s highest recorded value in the last 90-days was $107, and it can be expected from XMR to cross $100 again before the year-end.

This is an excellent time to start investing in the XMR token, as the coin may yield good benefits in the long run.

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