Monero MyKing’s Botnet Has minted 3M Worth of XMR to Date

Fluffypony of Monero stated, “I was the lead maintainer across all the projects, and at some point last year I was like: I can’t do this.”  Further, he felt that his actual responsibilities concerning the privacy coin need to reduce. On the other hand, Snipa has recently taken to his role. 

One of the posts about Snipa states, he has “substantial coding and auditing experience, and a desire to better Monero’s processes.”

Previously, Website GetMonero got hacked and several users downloaded a cryptocurrency-stealing Malware.  Subsequently, The Monero team quickly warned the users to confirm their hashes on the wallet binaries.


MyKing’s Botnet, also known as DarkCloud or Smominru, has been around since 2016.  Malicious code smuggled to user devices, servers running CCTV camera storage, and systems running windows based database management systems.

To date, $3M worth in Monero is mined through MyKings.  Gabor Szappanos from SophosLabs provides a full overview of Botnet’s operations, characterizing them as “relentlessly redundant [i.e., repetitive] attacker.”  The bots are resistant to detection and removal.

“Even if most of the components of the Botnet is from the computer, the remaining ones can restore it to full strength simply by updating themselves. All of this is using self-extracting RAR archives and Windows batch files.”

The Botnet launches serial attacks to deliver executable malware.  A Trojan is known as “Forshare” is widespread in infected servers.  The Forshare ensures that Monero (XMR) crypto miners work on targeted hardware.  Thus, they have made $3 million to date.


Statinko botnet mines Monero (XMR) the privacy cryptocurrency.  The malware comes in several modules and is programmed to mine.  In addition, the difficulty rate for mining Monero is less than Bitcoin.  The Botnet’s creators tend to use open-source software than public domain software.  Also, The malware executable is mostly “a Trojan dubbed “Forshare.”

Whereas, the infected hosts are typically in countries like India, Japan, United States, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, and China.

First and foremost, there has been a slight cumulative trend considering the past two years of the token.  Moreover, the short-term is bearish.  Furthermore, XMR/USD does not find support from the daily moving averages.  Monero has been exhibiting notable lower highs after the bears set in.  Despite this, the token has drawn a downward trend.    Above all, the price of the Monero has been trading below 23.60% in the Fib Retracement area. Finally, Short-selling is the best approach concerning Monero.