Monero Manages to Retain the Value Above $45 Despite the Volatility

Though there is huge volatility in the market, Monero coin managed to stay above $45 mark. It has been through four huge price changes on the last day, and it faced a mere 0.32% decrease in the value in this period. XMR coin currently trades at $45.71.

Monero’s first swing happened between 00:02 & 07:59 UTC, and over these 7 hours and 57 minutes, the currency gained 1.68% that took the XMR price to $46.63 from $45.04. It was followed by a 3.41% decline in the value that cost Monero 1.58 USD and pushed the value to the lowest of the day at 45.04 USD by 16:34 UTC. The next few hours were bullish for Monero. An upward movement helped it to gain 2.76% and pushed the value to 46.28 USD by 20:49 UTC. At 20:49 UTC, Monero started falling and touched 45.69 USD by 02:33 UTC after a 1.29% loss.

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Monero Price Prediction

Monero has experienced a decent loss in the market cap over the last 24 hours. Between December 25 & 26, the market cap has fallen to 801.205 million USD from 807.752 million USD.

XMR’s 20 days MA stands at $45.74, and it’s 50 days MA is now at $45.77. It is currently being traded at $45.71, which is 0.13% and 0.06% less than the 50 days and 20 days moving averages, respectively. The medium-term outlook of Monero may get bullish.

Monero (XMR) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $47.20
2nd Resistance $47.90
3rd Resistance $48.71
1st Support $45.69
2nd Support $44.88
3rd Support $44.18