LOKI is the underdog that Monero {XMR} should be wary of; Battle of the Privacy Coins intensifies

Monero is ranked at #13 underneath Cardano in the mark. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $66.055 million, while the supply has 17,239,307 XMR coins involved as part of the circulation. The total market cap of Monero amounts to $968.214 million for now. XMR is priced at $56.16 as of this instant; as a result of a boost rate of 1.64% affected the pace of this privacy-based currency in the course of the past 24-hours.

According to the candlestick chart connected to the XMR/USD pair on tradingview [based on data obtained from the Poloniex exchange], buyers and sellers are fighting hard to exert dominance over Monero. The final 4 peaks tied to the Awesome Oscillator all bear the green shade, although their length is a cause for concern. The daily RSI [for 14 periods] is at 30.71; Monero has been fluctuating near the oversold near in the aftermath of 23rd September.

The MACD line is gradually closing up on the signal line, and may climb above it by next week. This would point to bullish momentum being the chief form of force. Support lies close to the $54.2442 mark, whereas resistance may be felt adjacent to the $70.496 level.

MichaelScottofReddit posted a message related to a failed transaction that he had initiated on xmr.to. You can take a look if you’d like more details pertaining to this matter.

LOKI is ranked at #170 in the market. In spite of being a low-ranked altcoin, this project has garnered a ton of attention in the cryptosphere. The price shot up by 2.80% in a matter of hours, bring $LOKI to $0.355414. The trading volume recorded is $0.053 million, while the supply has 43,108,101 LOKI coins included. The total market cap of LOKI is $15.321 million.

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