Litecoin Price Changed by 2.61 percent

As at 2019-08-26 average Litecoin price is 73.42243953 USD, 0.00713336 BTC, 0.39198441 ETH.

It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Litecoin.

Litecoin LTC/EUR on BitBay exchange is 73.35. The trading volume on BitBay is 503.02.

At the same time Litecoin LTC/IDR on Indodax exchange is 73.26. The trading volume on Indodax is 35974.00.

Litecoin LTC/USD on Bitfinex exchange is 73.19. The trading volume on Bitfinex is 3728642.00.

Litecoin LTC/KRW on Bithumb exchange is 72.89. The trading volume on Bithumb is 447680.00.

Litecoin LTC/USD on BitKonan exchange is 72.00. The trading volume on BitKonan is 0.00.

In this regard, 24 hour trading volume is 2014809960.39180000 USD or 195748.94093771 BTC. At the same time Litecoin market capitalization is 4634371078 USD or $450252 BTC.

Litecoin average change within 24 hour is 2.61 against USD, 0.12 against BTC, 1.54 against ETH. Weekly report: -3.34 against USD, 0.45 against BTC, 2.63 against ETH. Monthly report: -16.85 against USD, -23.67 against BTC, -7.62 against ETH.

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