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Litecoin partner, Aliant Payments, has indicated it is now paying employees parts of their compensation package in cryptocurrency, NewsLogical has learned.

The platform said its cryptocurrency payment solution has been adopted by Miami Dolphins, indicating further that Miami Dolphins 50/50 raffle site has now been integrated with the cryptocurrency payment option. However, the site accepts payment in Litecoin for now.

In a revelation by the firm, the team members are to be paid in Bitcoin and Litecoin combined.

The payment firm said its decision to do this is to give its employees the opportunity to role over to cryptocurrency.

“Each member of the Aliant team now has a vested interest in cryptocurrency not just as something they work on in the office,” Aliant CEO Eric Brown has said.

In 2017, Aliant became one of the first payment processing companies to adopt cryptocurrency and it developed a completely compliant crypto payment processing solution for merchants.

The payment solution converts payments in cryptocurrency to USD, depending on merchant’s request.

CryptoBucks, Aliant’s payment processing solution, reduces volatility and increase the adoption of cryptocurrency among merchants who fear the risk involved in accepting cryptocurrency.

In 2018, Aliant partnered with Litecoin Foundation, a development that brought the digital currency to more merchants. Aliant also opened Litecoin to Miami Dolphins and other sports clubs.

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