Litecoin Founder Reassures Flow of Funds Till the Coin Becomes Self-Sustaining

  • Litecoin founder Charlie Lee reaffirms his commitment to fund LTC adoption
  • Litecoin is expected to surge up to $100 again very soon

It is a beginning of good times for the LTC token holders. The future looks bright again for this crypto as its founder Charlie Lee announces his continued commitment to fund the crypto’s mass adoption. The announcement comes at the right time amidst speculations raised for the currency’s future. The first half of the year saw major investments from the firm in deals including one with glory kickboxing, k-pop concert and others which got mixed reaction from the market analysts. It may not have raised expected funds for LTC but with Lee’s support now the coin may head rigorously towards bigger growth targets.

As on September 14,2019 at 07:19:47 UTC, LTC is found to be trading at $68.78 and is moving in the upward direction. In the last 5 days, LTC has recorded a downtrend of over 5% dipping from $72.85 to its current value. The coin has even gone as low as $67.57, yesterday. It has recovered from that value but it may take another few days for the coin to start trading above $72 again.

Litecoin Price Chart

The highest recorded value of LTC in the last 90-days was $146 and lowest was around $62. The coin is currently trading near the lower end, but it is expected to soon come out of this loop to trade between $80 and $100 once again by this month end.

Litecoin continues to remain a profitable crypto even amidst some negative speculations around funding. The coin has established a solid foundation for itself and this may provide the necessary push for LTC to cross $100 mark before the end of this year. If all goes well, it may even start trading above this value by 2019 end.

Continuing investments in LTC is the best decision in the current times for future gains.

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