Litecoin Dropped Below The Baseline; However, Might Surge Upwards Soon!

Litecoin might be a surprising element for everyone as of now! It seems that LTC coin has reached the touch down of $64 and might be aiming for more. Let’s see what LTC has to offer today.

Litecoin price is trading at $63.83 at 11:05 UTC on 30th August 2019. The value was initially seen trading at $66.79 at 23:55 UTC on 28th August 2019. The value then dropped to $62.33 on 29th August at 14:58 UTC. LTC price then increased by 4.29% at 18:05 UTC with the value changed to $64.93. The Litecoin price then went further down by 4.15% today at 02:59 UTC when the trade changed to $62.23, which is increased by 2.64% as of now.

Litecoin, just like many significant coins are trading with the bearish nature. If you are planning to invest in LTC coin, this might be a good time to buy coin and wait for the near future to enjoy some profits.

However, one might have to be careful with their trade decisions as LTC is volatile, and it can be difficult to predict the next minute trade setting for this network.

Litecoin Price

As discussed earlier, since LTC is volatile in nature as of now, the resistance and support levels might help the users to ignore intraday losses:

Resistance Levels

  • R3: $70.28
  • R2: $68.85
  • R1: $66.48

Support Levels

  • S1: $62.68
  • S2: $61.25
  • S3: $58.88

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