Litecoin Deals in Profit Despite Experiencing Heavy Fall in Midweek

  • LTC price momentum impresses the traders.
  • The coin holds a high outlook of improvement in the future.

Litecoin price books a slight improvement since last week. If we look at the statistics, the 7-day low was at $64.62 and high was at $72.67. LTC holds great potential and hence investors can trust on the coin and dig in with a vision of profit. The investment in Litecoin wouldn’t go futile.

Litecoin Price Analysis & Predictions

On September 04, 2019, LTC coin booked a fall, and the price changed from $69.211 to $67.189 by 2.89%. On the next day, Litecoin price changed from $67.189 to $65.348 by 2.74%. On 6th September, the price again dropped and slipped from $65.348 to $64.888. The regression was of 0.70%. From September 07, 2019, LTC price started moving up. The price counters changed from $64.888 to $69.211 by 6.69%. The uptrend in the coin continued. On the next day, the price switched from $69.231 to $70.372 by 1.68%. Then, the price changed from $70.372 to $70.052. Yesterday, LTC moved up by 2.03% and the price jumped from $70.052 to $71.473.

If we compare the price of Litecoin from the beginning of the week, which was at $69.211 with now which is at $70.304, the escalation marked would be 1.83%.

Litecoin price
Litecoin Chart By TradingView

The intraday chart is not reflecting much movement. Hence, it wouldn’t give the desired result. However, Litecoin looks best for long-term investment. The same would provide a considerable profit.

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