Libra Association’s crypto members remain loyal to the project

Despite the regulatory uncertainty and some companies considering leaving, many more have expressed interest in joining, a source close to the Libra Association told CoinDesk.

As a result, the Libra Association’s crypto contingent – Coinbase, Xapo, Anchorage and Bison Trails – remains publicly optimistic about the project, CoinDesk reported. Moreover, both Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Union Square Ventures, the two venture capital companies in the Libra Association most closely associated with blockchain investing, confirmed to CoinDesk that they remain committed to the project.

Also, the CEOs of alternative banking company Xapo and blockchain infrastructure startup Bison Trails both confirmed that they are Libra members with no intention of leaving. The only company in the crypto space to give CoinDesk anything short of a categorically affirmative answer was Coinbase.

Most of the narrative surrounding Libra so far has been driven by intense government scrutiny. European Union regulators are reportedly investigating ‘anti-competitive behavior’ related to the project.

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