Leading Crypto Exchange PayBito Lists SESSIA’s Cashback Token KICKS

The top global cryptocurrency exchange PayBito lists KICKS, a unique cashback token for loyalty programs issued within the blockchain-based social media marketplace SESSIA.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The leading cryptocurrency exchange PayBito diversifies trading options for the users by adding KICKS to its crypto-asset portfolio. KICKS is a unique cashback token developed to streamline loyalty programs of businesses within SESSIA’s ecosystem. SESSIA is a blockchain-based social networking platform, which connects businesses with consumers without any intermediaries like in a conventional social media and eCommerce architecture. With PayBito’s listing KICKS is made available for trade or buying to be used on SESSIA to further business and consumer activities.

Speaking about the new token listing, Raj Chowdhury, the Managing Director of Paybito, mentioned, “PayBito aims to offer a diverse range of tokens to the traders, and that’s why we keep expanding our portfolio adding one-of-a-kind assets which will benefit our users. The core concept of SESSIA and its token KICKS is intriguing, as it takes an out-of-the-box approach to social media and ecommerce. It has great market prospects, especially in the current scenario, where businesses are looking for cost-effective avenues to reach out to their consumers. Considering everything, we felt that it would be a great offering to the traders, and we are sure to get a very positive response.”

Renowned for their extensive collection of crypto assets, PayBito is focused on introducing the traders to an assortment of unique assets with good market prospects. The exchange has garnered recognition among its global users, owing to the availability of best crypto prices and its offering of the lowest trading fees. Their multi-currency support, instant fiat deposits, multi-signature wallet, and advanced security protocols have made PayBito one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Overview of SESSIA and KICKS:

SESSIA is a blockchain-based application that integrates the social networking model with businesses creating a decentralized marketplace devoid of any third-party intermediaries. It connects the businesses with their target audience in a secured eCommerce ecosystem.

Both businesses and consumers get to enjoy a host of benefits. The application comes with:
1. Online store builder for instant and easy sales
2. Instant crypto pay-outs and cashbacks globally
3. Built-in smart scanner to register consumers easily
4. Comprehensive information on best purchases and discounts
5. Advanced report and control system for real-time management of customer database and internal operations

The elimination of intermediaries allows businesses to reduce advertising and marketing expenses. Its unique loyalty and cashback program helps in consumer growth. Customers get an easy to access social media cum marketplace where they are at liberty to choose the stores, services, and products, make purchases and earn regular cashback.

KICKS is the ERC-20 tokens issued on the platform. It is used by businesses to pay kickbacks and cashbacks to the customers and make internal payments in SESSIA. The customers can trade KICKS, or convert it into any fiat, or use it to buy services or products in the SESSIA marketplace.

About PayBito:

PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating globally. The platform is designed and managed by a team with rich experience in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology. It is available in the web version as well as in iOS and Android stores. PayBito services include white label cryptocurrency exchange, white-label payment gateway, exchange affiliate, and coin listing. PayBito offers some of the best rates and top-notch security in the crypto world.