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Choosing Blockchain technology is a right decision in 2019. It helps to make transactions much easier and spend less time on it. Blockchain has already turned the world upside down and transformed payments. More and more people start using it in their working life.

What Role does Blockchain plays in lending sector?

Blockchain is a technology that facilitates trust between trading partners. It provides a possibility to transfer currency and be sure that transactions are successfully completed.


Marshal Lion Group  is a non-bank lending company, based on blockchain technology.

A huge number of potential investors – that is a great opportunity which the company provides to their clients. This is possible because all the transactions occur worldwide, linked by the Internet and any company has an access to financial liquidity. 

Clients do trust Marshal Lion for many reasons. First of all, it is the human factor – a perfect team of financial advisors. In addition to that, the rules of the company are simple and clear. Moreover, Marshal Lion group has got some accomplishments such as assistance in establishing over a thousand companies. Over three thousand loans granted and also during their time in the business, the company has already assisted more than ten thousand clients. 

Why Marshal Lion Group?

Nowadays, a lot of new players and investors who would like to benefit from the growth dynamics in that market say that the non-bank lending sector might have super challenging entry barriers. You might face such problems as large own contribution, legal obstacles, risk analysis and another thing which is also very important is knowledge of macro – economy and micro – economy.

 Yes, there are many barriers, but with the help of experienced Marshal lion specialists any problem you might face will be solved!

Why the blockchain technology is the best option when it comes to loans?

Long time ago, before the rise of banks, people had to trust each other because loans and payments took place peer-to-peer. After the trust was broken down the intermediaries and third parties had to join such processes to provide protection. But they could not make it all simpler without adding new inconvenient details. For example, charging high fees and in addition, making the process of lending and borrowing much more complex and boring, but what would you say if you knew that there is a way to make it all much easier? I am absolutely sure that you would not miss such an opportunity!

Peer-to-peer Blockchain lending model – that is a solution. Such model makes the process more seamless and what is also important faster! Moreover, you will not need the help of intermediaries and third parties because individual borrowers or businesses are connected directly to willing lenders. 

Marshal Lion Group and its IEO Offerings

There is an offer for pre-defined business which provides an option to buy a restricted set of digital tokens. The obtaining capital is used for funding such businesses. This process is called an Initial Exchange Offering.

IEO gives an opportunity to blockchain companies to have a direct access to financial liquidity.

This process has made some major changes in the way that modern business works. For young companies and startups this is slowly becoming the solution of choice, when looking to obtain funding for their operations.

The main advantage of Marshal Lion is that the company has a real strong market position. Moreover, it has got enormous experience and most importantly expert resources.

Marshal Lion platform and tokenization in practice

After the creation of such a platform will be done, Marshal Lion will present their products with various maturity dates (for example between 2 weeks and 6 months). The opportunity which opens for investors is a possibility to take part in this very appealing market in Poland by spending their token for a particular product available on the platform.

The transactional offer which provides Marshal Lion platform will be created with simplicity in mind and transparency, with many well-described products offering clear-cut rules that allow obtaining a profit.

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