Horizon State’s blockchain voting software for sale

The software developed by failed blockchain-voting platform Horizon State is on the market.

Administrators appointed after the collapse of the company last month have issued Micky News a press release, which calls for “expressions of interest” from interested buyers.

“Prior to the appointment of the administrators, the company developed a voting platform incorporating blockchain technology … which aimed to allow voting to be secure, auditable and anonymous,” said administrators TPH Advisory.

“The company had previously advertised that the platform ‘represents cost savings, improved data and vote collection efficiency.’

“(We) are calling for expressions of interest for the sale of the Intellectual Property of the Company – the source code of the Horizon State Platform.”

No price for the software is mentioned in the media release, with interested parties instead told to contact the administrators.

The collapse

Horizon State collapsed last month, after becoming embroiled in a legal battle with its former CEO.

Micky News revealed Oren Alazraki – who was replaced as CEO by former CTO Nimo Naamani in February – had taken Horizon State to the Fair Work Commission alleging a “breach of terms and conditions.”

Instead of pursuing mediation, Horizon State decided to shut down and pulled down its website. It said the “eye-watering” cost of defending the case would be too high given the funds it had available.

“The estimated costs to challenge this case, and potentially proceed through the mediation process to reach a settlement is an eye-watering expense that will see this business become insolvent and ultimately force its closure,” Horizon State said.

The software

Earlier in the year, the company had boasted about several high-profile trials of their technology, which involved local and state governments.

It was also working with a high-profile German football club and a political party in India.

“Right now we are flat out with demand,” Head of Research and Innovation Dan Crane told the HS Telegram group in June.

“There is a lot of interest from potential customers, as well as customers who have decided they want to utilise our system,” Ellis added.

“The sentiment within the team is at an all-time high – just ask our wives/girlfriends!”

The administrators say expressions of interest in the software close at 4 pm on Friday, October 4, 2019.

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