Fraudsters mine Monero cryptocurrency using audio

19/10/19 04:00 UTC-4

Hackers mine XRM thanks to code in WAV files

BlackBerry Cylance employees found a hidden XRM cryptocurrency miner. It was present in the audio files, as reported in the threatpost.


Hackers mine using the steganography method

Antivirus developers found that code was hidden in WAV files. A similar cipher is used to mine XMR cryptocurrency on a central processor.

Specialists at BlackBerry Cylance noticed that when listening to files, one could hear both just music and stationary noise.

The company’s developers found that in the second part of the software, the attackers included the Metasploit code. Thanks to the cipher, hackers install a victim that is remote to the network, which is difficult to detect.

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The method that the miners used is called steganography. The principle of steganography suggests that various content is hidden in a file of any format. Specialists at BlackBerry Cylance note that steganography makes it difficult to find harmful content quickly.

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