Ethereum Starts its Race Towards $200 after a 4.05% Hike Yesterday

  • Ethereum grows by 4.05% and now aims 200 USD.
  • The next resistance may be found at 195 USD.

Ethereum has been able to grow by a whopping 4.05% in the last 24 hours. The value of each coin is almost 5 USD below from 200 USD. And looking at the last day’s growth, it can be said that it has started its race against 200 USD.

ETH to USD Price Analysis-

Ethereum price chart
ETH Price Chart by TradingView

Ethereum’s first swing happened between 00:16 UTC and 03:44 UTC and this swing made a cut of 4.55 USD from Ethereum. This fall pushed the value to the lowest of the day at 186.34 USD. This was followed by a hike of 1.89% and by 10:59 UTC, this swing added 3.51 USD. After the next few hours of volatility, it gathered momentum and managed to get another hike of 1.71% and reached 190 USD by 20:07 UTC. Towards the closing of Sunday, it managed to be revalued and the highest growth was made between 22:35 UTC and 03:02 UTC of today. This swing of 3.72% added 7 USD and placed the value at 195.50 USD by 03:02 UTC.

Ethereum Price Prediction-

Ethereum is one of the top-ranked altcoins and it is often considered as a pioneer coin. The latest growth of Ethereum may give a new direction to the whole market. The medium-term outlook of Ethereum is likely to be bullish and it may face major resistance at 195 USD next.

Ethereum (ETH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $191.31
2nd Resistance $192.83
3rd Resistance $195.26
1st Support Level $187.36
2nd Support Level $184.93
3rd Support Level $183.41

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