Ethereum resources to be translated into fifteen languages

Ethereum resources are going to be translated into fifteen languages according to an Ethereum Foundation announcement. Ethereum is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Ethereum has decided to take a step further in improving its resource accessibility by having some of its resources translated to fifteen other languages. This will make the Ethereum network much more accessible to people outside of the English speaking community.

Although the translation is limited to Ethereum’s website at the moment, the foundation plans on expanding the translation project to other significant community resources like blog posts and other documents.

The website was first relaunched fully translated in the Korean language. This was the result of the effort put forward by an eight-member team of translations under the guidance of Taeyeon Kim.

Although this may be good news for crypto fans in Korea, many crypto businesses in the country have listed their projects on foreign exchanges due to harsh domestic market conditions. According to local sources, many crypto-related companies are avoiding expanding in the country for the same reason.

The next project is the website’s translation into the German language. Ethereum should be welcomed in German-speaking countries, right? Unfortunately, no as various local sources have reported that support for cryptocurrencies has fallen significantly across the last twelve months.

Ethereum Resources: Next Projects on the Foundation’s List

Next up the website is listed to be translated into Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Hopefully Ethereum will have more luck there, even so, it seems that Ethereum has a bumpy road ahead.


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