Ethereum Records 2.6% Downtrend Since Yesterday Slipping Below $190

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  • ETH may surge up to $200 in the next 7 days

Ethereum has started the month trading at $216, and it is currently below it but the coin may make up to the slow trends and may rise to $200 in the last few days of the month. ETH may also start the next month on a good note by trading above $200 for a longer period now. The current growth-oriented market performance confirms this speculation.

ETH Price Statistics:

Ethereum token had recorded a downtrend of over 2.6% in the last one day when the coin slipped from $193.54 to its current value at $188.40 as on August 25, 2019 at 05:00:06 UTC. The coin started on a good note yesterday but then gradually started trading in the downward direction and hit as low as $186.06 around noon. ETH is moving in the upward direction since then and may cross $190 again.

Ethereum price chart - Aug 25
ETH Chart By TradingView
  • The ETH price token is noted to be $188.40 and 0.01880582 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin is $20,284,179,682
  • The 24 h volume of the coin is $6,077,075,402
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 6,601.58%
  • The circulating supply has been 107,461,558 ETH

The lowest recorded value in the last 30 days for ETH was $178, and the highest was $239. The lowest may come to $186 in the next 30 days, and the highest may go up to $250 as per the current oscillations.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

Ethereum is opening up now and although this month has not given many high moments to the traders but the next month maybe all about sudden highs and spectacular performances. The firm is getting popularity from all corners of the globe, and it is just a matter of time when the price of ETH goes all soaring up. Traders need to sit tight and keep a close watch.


It is a good time to plan bulk investments in the ETH token and start loading up for future benefits.

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