Drone Data Service Red Cat Taps GoChain to Create Blockchain-Based Black Box

Red Cat, a maker of data recorders for drones, has partnered with GoChain, a decentralized-web and cryptocurrency startup, to store flight information on a blockchain.

Today, Red Cat announced a deal with GoChain, an enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency company. The partnership will move Red Cat’s drone data analytics and services onto GoChain’s blockchain. By hasing data like GPS coordinates, video, photos, and flight and telemetry logs on a distributed ledger, Red Cat claims drone flights can be monitored with absolute integrity.

GoChain, which operates its own token, GO, is built on the ethereum blockchain. GoChain claims it can settle 1,300 transactions per second.

As drone technology takes off, particularly within major brand commercial circles like Amazon and Walmart, Red Cat claims its black box tech and service bundle need blockchain technology.

“We’re full speed ahead on the commercialization of our blockchain black box and distributed storage system to move the drone industry forward and make the skies safer,” said Red Cat Jeff Thompson, speaking with CoinDesk.

“We had tested several solutions, but GoChain’s ability for multi-chain access, and its fast, scalable, cost-efficient blockchain protocol and experienced team was the perfect fit to advance our vision,” Thompson said.

GoChain isn’t the first company to enter this space. Earlier last month, Walmart filed a patent application for a shipping drone connected to the blockchain. The patent application described a drone delivery service backed by blockchain, allowing drones to exchange flight logistics information.

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